Fixed orthodontics

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are one of the most common forms of braces currently used in Ireland.
Sometimes referred to as “train-tracks”, fixed braces are metal brackets that are bonded/attached to the front of the patient's teeth. These brackets are attached to each other using a high-quality metal wire; which is changed regularly for the duration of the brace treatment.
The advantage of fixed braces is they are extremely effective and allow for the precise alignment of the teeth.

Aesthetic “Invisible” Braces

Aesthetic “Invisible” Braces are ceramic transparent brackets that are less noticeable when compared with other braces.
Aesthetic Invisible braces are bonded/attached to the front of the teeth. These brackets are then joined together with a transparent wire.

Are fixed braces the right solution for you?

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Exposures with fixed appliances:

Exposure of patients upper right canine and upper right lateral incisor.