Incognito braces

Incognito Braces

Limerick Orthodontics provides clients all over Limerick and the surrounding counties with Incognito braces.
Incognito braces, sometimes known as incognito lingual fixed appliances, are bracket and wire braces that are fitted behind the teeth. As such, these types of braces aren’t visible .
Incognito braces represent a significant breakthrough in orthodontic technology and thanks to their innovative design, they are a viable alternative to traditional front-facing braces.
Incognito braces are 100% customised to the unique specifications of the client’s jaw making for a comfortable and discreet teeth realigning solution.

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The Advantages of Incognito Braces

  • Discreet Incognito braces are placed behind the person’s teeth so are invisible from the outside. They almost completely element the risk of white spots forming on teeth, an issue that sometimes develops with front facing braces.

  • Convenience Customised to the unique contours of the patient’s teeth, Incognito braces, are designed to maximise comfort and minimising the potential for interference with a client’s speech.

  • 100% Custom Treatment Incognito braces are customised to the shape of the patient’s teeth and their unique treatment needs. Their design and fitting make the realigning process as comfortable as possible.